Delano T. Jarrett

Hello friends and welcome strangers.

Most people just call me DJ but I am also known as Delano T. Jarrett.

I’m a Digital Content Creator based in Ontario Canada.

I’m a multifaceted individual with many ideas on many things.

I hope to one day find myself in a position where my creations can not only bring me happiness, but bring happiness to others.

I aim to correct my relationship with time by using it more wisely:

bringing value to those in need, countering anxiety with progression, using communication to broaden truths and self awareness.

I think one of the greatest gifts of being a creative is being able to convert energy.

I look at how a dancer can take everyday movements and turn them into routines, or how an artist can take mundane daily moments and paint iconic display pieces, or how a comedian can take a traumatic memory and convert it into a laugh.

I strive to be a creative who can convert negativity into positivity, censorship into communication, dwelling into progression, numbness into happiness, and falsehood into truth.

Hopefully, with my creations, I helped with all of that.