Who am I?

Delano T. Jarrett


Hello strangers and hello friends.

You can call me Delano, DTJ, or DJ. I'm a Digital Content Creator based in Ontario Canada. I'm a multifaceted individual with many ideas on many things. I hope to one day find myself in a position where my creations can not only bring me happiness, but bring happiness to others.

I aim to correct my relationship with time by using it more wisely:
bringing value to those in need, countering anxiety with progression, using communication to broaden truths and self awareness.

Hopefully, with my creations, I helped with all of that.
Thanks for visiting.

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Dreams To Journeys

I created Dreams To Journeys to be a one stop location for free digital resources that help you with content creation. I created it to share with people what I seek for myself: to explore my creativity, educate my mind, and reduce my procrastination.

If you're a student, a new creator, an up and coming artist, a low budget designer, a small business owner, an entrepreneur who's just starting out, or just a frugal person, it's likely you don't yet have the capital to spend on professional design tools. This index is here to help you find free tools so you can get started on your creative journey as soon as possible.

Dreams To Journeys aims to be a reminder to all creators that the financial barrier to entry for content creation, is as low as it has ever been....