Also Known As

I created the Also Known As show to muse upon the muses that amuse me… and the ones that don’t.

I muse upon thoughts, questions, and stories, about me, about anyone, about somethings and about nothing.

Hopefully in the process I deliver a perspective that brings people value.

Dreams To Journeys

I created Dreams To Journeys to be a one stop location for free digital resources that help you with content creation. I created it to share with people what I seek for myself: to explore my creativity, educate my mind, and reduce my procrastination.

If you’re a student, a new creator, an up and coming artist, a low budget designer, a small business owner, an entrepreneur who’s just starting out, or just a frugal person, it’s likely you don’t yet have the capital to spend on professional design tools. This index is here to help you find free tools so you can get started on your creative journey as soon as possible.

Dreams To Journeys aims to be a reminder to all creators that the financial barrier to entry for content creation, is as low as it has ever been….



I created out of a frustration with difficult copyright licenses.
I didn’t think the music providers I was finding were being very clear in their music usage licenses.

There are so many music catalogues that claimed to be copyright free, yet when I read their licenses, their music happened to be copyrighted with extensive conditions.

There are popular music services that claim to be royalty-free services, yet you have to consistently keep paying every month. I believe that when people search the term “royalty-free”, they’re not expecting to have to be making ongoing payments.

Some of the free resources I did find were either not good for background soundtracks, or were background sound tracks that have become extremely overused.

With so many creators on the rise, music shouldn’t still be this difficult.

And when you’re a beginner, a monthly subscription for music can actually be really expensive.

This is my attempt to simplify music, and make it more affordable.

Hopefully I can create a mutually beneficial scenario for creators and myself, by providing royalty-free music.


I sort of stumbled into photography.
I originally purchased a camera to help with my content creation, but when I began to put myself through YouTube photography school, my love for taking photographs increased. It not only gave me an extra creative outlet, but helped to increase my motivation to create.

This is where I take snapshots of life, enhance them, and then preserve them.

Sometimes you want one more opportunity to stare into your lover’s eyes, one more opportunity to recall a beloved pet, or one more opportunity to reminisce about a cherished memory.

Photography gives me that opportunity.